Winston’s Journey to the West

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For their new event Year of the Rooster, Overwatch has released a new animated comic. It is done more in the style of a picture book. you get to explore a cherished memory from Winston's past.


Launch into battle with Winston

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Winston is so much more the a glorified Overwatch mascot. Winston is a scientific genius who is ready to protect his allies.

A new cinematic has been unleashed upon us, showcasing Winston’s efforts to recall the former agents of Overwatch back to active duty. To get a clearer sense of why Winston is doing this, it might help to watch the Recall short, but I wouldn’t call it necessary. Winston trying to get the band back together is something we’ve known as an aspect of the story for awhile. (It’s the rationale behind the payload escort in Watchpoint:Gibraltar, for example.) Other notable elements: many of the images that showcase the original Overwatch crew include the members we’ve normally seen as part of that team in the past: a younger Jack Morrison (a.k.a. Soldier:76), Reinhardt, Mercy, Gabriel Reyes (a.k.a. Reaper), Torbjorn, McCree, Tracer, and Winston himself. What sticks out, however, are some of the characters we see here who aren’t playable characters. Notably, there’s this omnic present when the IJC is honoring the

With the end of closed beta we leave you with some great skins for you to look forward to in open beta.


Beta Build 27939 Patch Notes

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Coming in slightly after the patch started hitting beta servers, we’ve got some notes on what’s going on in this new build. Genji’s health is up, but his shuriken damage is down. Quick Melee doesn’t hit for as much, but we can use it more frequently. Bastion’s Ultimate mode is shorter. Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow doesn’t get to cheat anymore. ;P And Mei is being brought down a bit from the devastating ice goddess heights she started to hit after the last patch. Seriously guys, she went overboard. Overall, these are all pretty standard “beta is beta” changes, principally in the fine-tuning space of things, and having the added bonus of developer insights into why these changes are being made is a huge benefit. Read the full patch notes below.

Recall the animated short exploring Winstons past will be released on MArch 21st we have all the details.


Discover Winston’s new outfits

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Winston embraces his inner explorer in his new skins

In the first episode of OVERWATCH: OVERSIGHT we will be taking a close look at Winston. This genetically enhanced ape from the moon has some serious strengths. He also has some pitfalls. If you are planning on playing Winston this video will be great to get you familiar with his abilities.


Overwatch: Winston

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A super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant scientist and a champion for humanity's potential.


Winston Gameplay Preview

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In keeping with the trend over the last several weeks, Blizzard has just released the newest gameplay preview for their upcoming FPS game, Overwatch. With today’s hero announced that means we’re down to only three heroes remaining without previews. Today’s featured character is Winston. Winston is a Tank character, equipped with a short range weapon called the Tesla Cannon. He also has a Jump Pack which allows him to leap through the air dealing significant damage and stunning enemies wherever he lands, and can deploy a shield projector which absorbs damage until it is destroyed. Allies within the shield are protected from incoming fire, but are able to return fire on enemies. Winston’s Ultimate ability is called Primal Rage, which increases his health and damage done along with reducing the cooldown on his Jump Pack ability. While under the effects of Primal Rage, Winston cannot use his Tesla Cannon, but can only