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Between an announcement that the Patch 1.8 PTR would be shutting down soon, and the discovery that 1.6gb of background data was getting pushed to the live client in advance of the patch, it’s pretty safe to assume that this week will see the recent PTR state becoming the new live game. Big elements of Patch 1.8 include the following: Capture The Flag is now a permanent fixture in Arcade Mode, with a number of additional maps modified for CTF. Some major changes to Bastion, widely considered to be numerous buffs. New option toggles for Mercy, Ana, Zarya, Zenyatta, Sombra, and Widowmaker. D.va’s Defense Matrix now eats projectiles instantly. NERF THIS! The Server Browser allows players to create custom games and host them for other players to find through searches. You wanna do a McCree headshots only map? You feel free, bro. Check out all the details on the patch

Game director Jeff Kaplan chats about Overwatch's upcoming server browser feature, detailing changes being made to Custom Games and discussing the future of Capture the Flag.