The newest addition to Overwatch, Tank hero Orisa, has arrived in all versions of the game. Based in Numbani and built from scraps of OR15 defense robots destroyed by Doomfist and rebuilt by robotics genius Efi Oladele, Orisa is a medium difficulty character who brings a Fusion Driver cannon and protective shielding to aid her allies in combat. She also has a short term ability to reduce her own incoming damage and become invulnerable to action-impairing effects. To slow down the opposing team her Halt! ability launches a graviton charge which, when detonated, slows her enemies and pulls them in toward the explosion. Her ultimate ability, Supercharger, deploys a device to increase damage dealt by her team as long as they remain within sight of the device. Her full background is available on the official Overwatch website or check out our breakdown, available here. Let us know what you think of the latest


Orisa Day One Impressions

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Hero #24, now identified as Orisa, has entered the PTR and she is remarkable. Before we get into too much detail though, let’s run down her vital stats and abilities. Orisa has 400 HP, 200 of which is Armor. Her primary weapon is Fusion Driver, which sports a 200-round clip. It has a fast rate of fire in a tight spread, and no apparent damage drop-off over range, so she’s highly accurate and quite damaging if she can concentrate fire. Similar to D.va, her movement speed decreases noticeably if she fires while moving, and her reload time is very long compared to other heroes (around 2.5-3 seconds). Secondary fire for the Fusion Driver is a graviton charge (called Halt!), which fires a larger projectile (which doesn’t use any of her ammo) that will pull nearby targets towards it when it strikes a solid surface. Note that the graviton charge doesn’t


Overwatch: Orisa

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Efi spent the bulk of her grant money to acquire one of the decommissioned OR15 bots. She believed that Numbani needed a protector and that an upgraded OR15 could do just that. Efi repaired and reconfigured the robot and installed a personality core that she had designed herself.



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In a sudden blitzkrief of activity, we now know our new playable hero: Orisa, the brainchild of Efi Oladele. Orisa’s Origin story and a developer update from wrestlemania legend Jeff Kaplan have both gone live, and Orisa is also playable on the PTR. More information and analysis on Orisa is forthcoming. We’ll keep you update.