Funko adds 6 new characters to their Overwatch linup.

A new cinematic has been unleashed upon us, showcasing Winston’s efforts to recall the former agents of Overwatch back to active duty. To get a clearer sense of why Winston is doing this, it might help to watch the Recall short, but I wouldn’t call it necessary. Winston trying to get the band back together is something we’ve known as an aspect of the story for awhile. (It’s the rationale behind the payload escort in Watchpoint:Gibraltar, for example.) Other notable elements: many of the images that showcase the original Overwatch crew include the members we’ve normally seen as part of that team in the past: a younger Jack Morrison (a.k.a. Soldier:76), Reinhardt, Mercy, Gabriel Reyes (a.k.a. Reaper), Torbjorn, McCree, Tracer, and Winston himself. What sticks out, however, are some of the characters we see here who aren’t playable characters. Notably, there’s this omnic present when the IJC is honoring the

How can you make the most of when you play McCree? When is the best time to play McCree? What are his weaknesses?

With so many great skins coming out we take some time to show off some of the latest additions.


Wild West Fashions McCree skins

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Roll the dice with these new skins for McCree

You know what they say: The world could always use more heroes! On The Payload, your hosts Jimmy, John, and Kevin will look at all things Overwatch: News, eSports, gameplay, and more. Join the boys every Thursday for the live stream, or download our audio episodes Fridays! The crew takes a look at the upcoming beta weekend and details everything about it! Discussion then headed into some community concerns with the UI of the game and some lively discussion about what changes Blizzard can make to improve the UI. We end highlighting an invitation tournament this weekend which can be seen this Saturday (Nov 21) at 12pm PST over on FishStix’s Twitch Page. Thanks to everyone who joined us in chat this week, we had a great turnout and awesome discussion! Also please take some time to support Jake who made our awesome music over at: We stream ourselves recording the


McCree Gameplay Preview

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Last week we saw gameplay demonstrations of Zenyatta and Mercy, and this week Blizzard has added another character gameplay preview: McCree. See the outlaw McCree dispense justice on his own terms in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, McCree is on the attack in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, a Payload map set in an abandoned Overwatch outpost perched above the Mediterranean Sea. This game more than likely won’t hit Beta until Fall 2015 but Blizzard is certainly doing their best to keep people interested and eager to jump in as soon as the testing opens.

In an interview with Polygon, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan talked somewhat more specifically about how the game rose from the ashes of the Titan project, but also how Blizzard’s current game offerings have had an impact on how it’s gone so far. Something that surprised me coming out of this article is how hard Kaplan is working to drive home the point that Overwatch is not just a piece of the intended Titan experience spun out into its own game, but instead something built from scratch that only took some design lessons learned by the Titan dev team. Another interesting note came from how the team is starting to consider the esports possibilities of the game. Kaplan tells a story about how the Overwatch QA team took funds intended for a party and instead threw an in-house tournament for the game. This was apparently a turning point in how Blizzard thought about the game, which then laid the


Overwatch: McCree

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McCree had already made a name for himself as a member of the notorious Deadlock Gang, which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American Southwest, when he and his associates were busted in an Overwatch sting operation. With his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness, he was given the choice between rotting in a maximum-security lockup and joining Blackwatch, Overwatch's covert ops division. He chose the latter.


Blizzard PAX East Stream Coverage

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“At its core, Overwatch is a game about heroes. ” — Jeff Kaplan In other shooters, where a gun is the most important thing you’re carrying, Overwatch focuses more on the abilities you bring to the game. NEW MAP: Watchpoint Gibraltar Style Map: Payload (which is a more “pure” payload map than the mixed control-points/payload maps we saw at BlizzCon.) Brings something new to Overwatch, introducing the hsitory of the OVerwatch organization. The organization was an international peacekeeping group that was disbanded, and Winston is trying to put the band back together. He’s doing this by launching a satellite to create a communications array. The satellite is the payload you’re escorting through the map, and getting it to the launchpad is the overall objective. Attacker spawn is in Winston’s Lab, with a ton of information that gives context and background for the universe and Winston in particular. There’s a chokepoint at the bottom