Funko adds 6 new characters to their Overwatch linup.


Let’s break down Lúcio

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Lúcio is a DJ who travels the world trying to spread peace and acceptance. Lúcio uses his own special audio technology. How can you best master the beat?

We are not ready to let winter go just yet. Today we show off some heroes ready to brave the cold. Lúcio is know for his great dance moves. He is ready to show us he has them on the ice too. Mei is no stranger to the cold. No surprise she is ready for even the coldest expedition. Zarya was raised in Russian winters. She isn’t about to let a little permafrost slow her down. You can look forward to many more cool finds.

We have so many great skins coming out. We take some time to show off some more additions.

We have some great recolors for Lúcio in the rare Skins: We kick up the color with these Epic Skins: Lúcio is out of this world with his new Legendary Skin: These are only the currently known skins. We can expect more in the future.


Lúcio Gameplay Preview

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Blizzard has released a gameplay preview for the newest character introduced to the Overwatch universe: Lúcio. Lúcio is a freedom-fighting DJ wielding a Sonic Amplifier which can be used to heal his companions and provide a temporary speed boost as long as they’re in range. He can also create a Sound Barrier which acts as a shield for himself and his allies. Check out a full match featuring Lúcio below and let us know what you think of Overwatch’s newest hero in the comments. Armed with his signature Sonic Amplifier, Lúcio never misses a beat in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60 FPS on PC. Here, Lúcio plays on the attacking team in Numbani, a hybrid Point Capture/Payload map set in a utopian city on the edge of the African savanna. As with other gameplay previews you’ll want to watch this in 1080p HD to


Overwatch: Lúcio

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Lúcio is an international celebrity who inspires social change through his music and actions.


Lucio And New Maps Revealed At gamescom

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As teased last week, which we speculated on extensively, Blizzard has revealed a new hero named Lúcio at gamescom, as well as two new maps. Let’s get into it. First off, take a look at Lúcio and his ability preview. Gameplay Analysis The first thing to talk about with Lúcio is his mobility. Being able to run across walls makes him an interesting target to hit, and the video demonstrates that it’ll give him options for moving around the map that other characters might not have. Knocking back enemies with his secondary attack, plus being able to improve his own speed with Crossfade, means that he’ll be able to escape hot spots. The fact that Crossfade improves speed for nearby allies means that he’ll be a big asset on offense, especially combined with Crossfade’s healing option and his ultimate ability. It’s important to point out that the shields from Sound Barrier appear to be very


OVERHYPE: From Russia With Mechs

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A new teaser image from the Overwatch team resuscitates the hype train leading into gamescom on Thursday. Volskaya Industries CEO announces increased mech production after new attacks from Siberian omnium. — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) August 4, 2015 So what can we extract from the image alone, since there isn’t actually an interview for us to analyze? Let’s get started: Right out the gate, this could almost certainly be a character reveal, except for the part where doing another Russian character after announcing Zarya seems like an odd choice. Granted, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing to have two Russian women in play, since it helps to overturn the Western bias that games have generally had throughout history, whether they’re developed in the West or not. The bottom line? Consider me dubious of the possibility that Katya is a new character. Second, there’s the bulk of the screenshot that showcases a


Lúcio: speculation

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We try to interpret the playlist to get further insight to who Lúcio is and what he can do for Overwatch