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OVERHYPE: Efi Gets To Work

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A new image on the official Twitter feed shows us Efi’s checklist: Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: "Time to get to work!" pic.twitter.com/lQSzzD5ZT5 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 27, 2017 Let’s try to unpack everything here, starting with the items on the list: OR-15 chassis: The OR-15s are Numbani’s defense robots, a bunch of which just got junked by someone at the Numbani airport. Branford arm: This is a mystery currently, since it doesn’t appear to refer to a current mechanical model of some kind. Fusion driver: I’m assuming this isn’t a high-class golf club, but instead a high-powered (fusion-powered?) tool of some sort. Miniature Tolbelstein reactor: The “Tolbelstein reactor” probably refers to the Tobelstein reactor that powers Zarya’s particle cannon. The paint color palette is self-explanatory, but more importantly, it doesn’t match the appearance of any mechanized hero


OVERHYPE: New Hero Teases Continue

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A new teaser this morning on the Overwatch twitter feed continues our hype train. OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported. pic.twitter.com/3XuXbCCugh — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 24, 2017 After earlier reports this week that Efi Oladele is not the next hero, a lot of people are back to square one in terms of who our next combatant is going to be. A couple things to note about this image, however: The image credit at the bottom is Efi’s name, suggesting she was herself on the scene in the aftermath of the attack. There’s a “Peter Parker capturing exclusive photos of Spider-man” air to this, if you catch my meaning. The OR15 defense bots were referenced in Efi’s reveal interview, and this drives home that they are the defense force for the city of Numbani. A city predicated on harmony between


OVERHYPE: A New Challenger Approaches?

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Blizzard dropped an unexpected bomb on us today with a tease of a new character coming to the game: 11-year African inventor Efi Oladele. There are a few things that we can assume, and probably a few conclusions that we’ll certainly have up in the air until we see a preview of some other kind, but here’s what I’m getting so far from this post: Efi will likely be oriented around distributing and possibly remote-controlling drones across the map. (Note the over-ear headphones and visor on her head.) There will likely be a resource mechanic that governs how many drones Efi can have running at once. “Robots can be messy… and expensive.” Efi may be a new support: “I want to create things that make our lives better… something that can keep us safe.” If the drones provide enhancement or protection to allied heroes, that would certainly match with the