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Game director Jeff Kaplan chats about Overwatch's upcoming server browser feature, detailing changes being made to Custom Games and discussing the future of Capture the Flag.

Ever-humble Team 4 Game Director Jeff Kaplan signed on for another dev update video, this time running down a review of how the first year of Overwatch in the wild has played out, as well as going into some preview mode of what’ll be happening with the game in 2017. Review points: Lots of iteration on the game as a result of the beta, especially on competitive mode. Ana and Sombra were both released; Ana came in a little underpowered, but Team 4 reacted too quickly to iterating on her, since it may have just been that the community hadn’t gotten used to her quite yet. Consequently, Sombra is not in a perfect spot yet balance-wise, but Team 4 doesn’t want to run the risk of doing with her what they did with Ana, so iteration might be a bit slower. Eichenwalde has been a great success as a new map. Seasonal events

Game director Jeff Kaplan addresses some of the community's most popular discussion topics, including hero balance, progress on Overwatch’s spectator system, and what kind of new hero and map content are in the early stages of development

In this update Jeff Kaplan gives us a rundown of some of our favorite topics, and the plans Overwatch has for them. Ranked play has nothing set yet. Still weighing what systems will fit best. The goal is to provide a place for more competitive and semi-pro, yet allowing for the casual just to feel they are progressing. They will be trying to balance a lot of play styles and still maintain decent queue times. It will not be easy to figure how to balance solo queue vs teams. Kaplan recognizes unless you queue as a team many times you will feel that the match making may be unfair. You may feel that it was your team bringing you down. It is always best to play with friends and to choose your own destiny. That said he knows it is not always possible so they are working on balancing it. They are working