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Got Beta, Got new heroes

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Looks like if you are ready to give some new heroes a chance, Overwatch has them in the beta.


Overwatch: Hana “D.VA”

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D.Va Real Name: Hana Song, Age 19 Role: Tank Occupation: Pro Gamer (formerly), Mech Pilot Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army “I play to win.” D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her homeland. Twenty years ago, South Korea was attacked by a colossal omnic monstrosity that rose from the depths of the East China Sea. The massive, lumbering construct caused catastrophic damage to coastal cities before it was driven back beneath the waves. In response, the South Korean government developed a mechanized armored drone unit, called MEKA, to protect urban environments in future engagements with the omnic threat. The government’s fears proved to be well founded, as a disturbing pattern of attacks emerged. Every few years, the monstrosity would rise from the sea to assault South Korea and its neighbors. The omnic

Yo dawg, I heard you liked eSports so I put an eSports gamer in your eSports game so a Pro Gamer can play as a Pro Gamer. That’s basically what’s happening as the newest Overwatch hero is revealed to be Hana “D.Va” Song from South Korea. Meet MEKA’s newest recruit: world champion Hana “D.Va” Song! | https://t.co/jMG4Cb1VkS pic.twitter.com/d6lE2OwxMr — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 30, 2015 As of right now we don’t know what her abilities will be in the game, but the StarCraft 2 WCS website does have some information on her bio: At the age of 16, D.Va became the #1 ranked player in the world and proceeded to go undefeated for the next three years in all competitions. D.Va is an international star, beloved by her fans at home and abroad, and has toured in exhibitions around the world. Recently, she has taken a step back from competition