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Ever-humble Team 4 Game Director Jeff Kaplan signed on for another dev update video, this time running down a review of how the first year of Overwatch in the wild has played out, as well as going into some preview mode of what’ll be happening with the game in 2017. Review points: Lots of iteration on the game as a result of the beta, especially on competitive mode. Ana and Sombra were both released; Ana came in a little underpowered, but Team 4 reacted too quickly to iterating on her, since it may have just been that the community hadn’t gotten used to her quite yet. Consequently, Sombra is not in a perfect spot yet balance-wise, but Team 4 doesn’t want to run the risk of doing with her what they did with Ana, so iteration might be a bit slower. Eichenwalde has been a great success as a new map. Seasonal events


Tracer Digital Comic: Reflections

by Crow on

Yesterday we had some big news come out surrounding the latest Overwatch digital comic, which focuses on Tracer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty-four hours you probably know the big reveal that emerged from it, but we also won’t spoil it here. The key takeaway is that it’s a great comic showcasing the heroes of Overwatch during the winter holiday, and it both directly tells and indirectly hints at some sweet stories besides. Read the comic on Blizzard’s site or the motion-comic over on Madefire.

Esports magnate Counter Logic Gaming joins the Overwatch scene by signing free agent team The 1 Percent into their roster. The announcement was made live by CLG’s CEO Devin Nash during the first day of MLG Las Vegas 2016. The six players, Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy, Nathan “Miso” Lui, Michael “The” Kuhns, Adam “Waffletastic” Sydner, Joao “Hydration” Pedro Goes Telles and Daniel “Mikado” Yamilkoski were introduced on stage sporting their new organization’s jerseys. “This is the first time that CLG has entered a new IP in over a year,” said Nash. While the announcement was made during MLG Las Vegas, CLG will not compete in this tournament. “The team was chosen due to exhibiting the talent, hard work and intelligent analysis that CLG prides itself upon,” said Nash. “We are proud to have them on board.”


MLG Vegas hosts NA Overwatch Invitational

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The Overwatch NA Invitational will take place at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, on December 16 through 18. Over the three-day event qualified North American professional teams will fight each other using a variety of fantastical characters and clever tactics in hopes of winning the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool. The eight elite teams to duke it out on stage are: Cloud9, CompLexity, EnVyUs, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Team Liquid, NRG, and Rise Nation. Each game will be cast and analyzed by a pool of talent including: Huk, DoA, Monte Cristo, Mr X, Puckett, Flame, Goldenboy, Seltzer, Ster and ZP. At the end of each day, End Game will bring together esports fans under one roof for a huge celebration featuring interactive experiences, surprise musical performances and unique opportunities for content creators throughout the weekend. While VIP tickets have sold out, there is still hope for attendees


The much-anticipated Overwatch holiday event “Winter Wonderland” is now live on PC and console. This event will last until January 2nd. This patch comes packed with tons of holiday goodies: King’s Row and Hanamura have been decorated for the holiday. Over 100 new cosmetic items are available for purchase via Winter Loot Boxes or in-game currency. (Reminder: When purchasing with in-game currency, cosmetic items are 3x more expensive. Legendary items are 3000 credits and Epic items are purchasable for 750 credits.) A new Brawl has been announced called “Mei’s Snowball Offensive.” The new brawl “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” is a 6v6 single-elimination death match. In this brawl, Mei’s Endothermic Blaster has been modified to shoot snowballs. Players are eliminated by a single hit and the weapon can only be refilled by finding snow piles across the map. Mei’s ultimate has also been modified to act as a semi-automatic snowball shooter (if you get


An Overwatch Carol

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Time to deck the Halls Overwatch Style


Overwatch Holiday Event: December 13

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The Overwatch twitter account has put out a little teaser that they want you to join them for some holiday cheer on December 13th. If you plan on RSVPing they wish you to retweet (although honestly, you’re going to get it anyway if you play). You're invited! pic.twitter.com/MQZPZOW4Y1 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) December 6, 2016 This event will likely be in the same style as the previous Summer Games 2016 and Halloween events. It will likely last 3 weeks (ending Jan 3, 2017) and will involve new loot boxes with new cosmetic items for a Christmas holiday theme. As the above gif shows, we will likely get a snowy King’s Row and I would expect a special event/brawl much in the way we got the Frankenstein adventure and Lucio Ball previously. What else do you think we’ll get? Let us know in the comments.

You know what they say: The world could always use more heroes! On The Payload, your hosts John, Rosh, Jimmy, and Kevin will look at all things Overwatch: News, Esports, gameplay, and more. Join the crew every Thursday for the live stream, or download our audio episodes Fridays! This week, on The Payload: Season 3 commences and The Payload crew discusses the most important hero changes. The Oasis, a new Control map, is on the PTR. Symmetra has received a major redesign. Overwatch Apex Season 1 is nearing it’s finale. Misfits overtakes Fnatic 3-2 at Dreamhack Winter Also please take some time to support Jake who made our awesome music over at: jakebutineau.ca We’re on Patreon! If you like the show an want to support, head on over to patreon.com/payloadpodcast to learn more! This week we would like to thank our MVP’s, Adam B., Jay A., Correl, and Tomi H. We stream ourselves

The Overwatch team posted a Developer Update with Jeff Kaplan this morning. In this informative 9-minute video, Jeff highlighted changes coming to Symmetra, an update on the newly announced Oasis Control map, and some social features. Symmetra: Has a choice of Ultimate. “Teleporter” Teleporter works just as it did before. “Shield Generator” The Shield Generator applies shields (more than previous) to allies in a large radius and ignores line of sight. Symmetra’s ability to apply shields to allies is being removed. “Photon Barrier” replaces her previous shield ability. The Photon Barrier is an elliptical shield that follows along a track. Symmetra can now stock 6 turrets (up from 3). The total amount of turrets she can have out at once is still the same. Weapon remains mostly unchanged, but Symmetra’s primary fire has had it’s range extended by a minor amount. These changes are coming “very soon” to the PTR.

Haven’t joined the 20 million+ players yet on Overwatch? Well, this weekend is your chance without spending a dime. Just load up the game on your PC, Xbox One, or PS4 and give it a shot for absolutely free. The free weekend has already started and ends Monday November 21. Find out you like the game and want to continue playing it after the 21st? Well, you can do so at 40% off. Starting right now you can buy the Origins Edition on all platforms over on Amazon for just $34.99 (original price is $59.99). The sale ends November 28th.

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