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Overwatch – Play by Sound Panel

by Aaron "BLU3" on

Join the Overwatch team and learn what to listen for to become a better player.


Overwatch Animated Shorts Panel

by Aaron "BLU3" on

Join us as we explore the Overwatch Animated Shorts Panel, to dive deep into the creative process that has allowed Overwatch to create its amazing animated shorts.


Overwatch: What’s New Panel

by Aaron "BLU3" on

What does Overwatch have new and exciting for us to explore?


Animated short Infiltration

by Aaron "BLU3" on

Hack your way into Overwatch's sixth animated short: Infiltration!


Overwatch: Sombra

by Aaron "BLU3" on

Check out Sombra and her unique abilities


Overwatch League Coming Soon

by balrogfanbp on

Blizzard announces the next generation eSports experience for Overwatch. It seems that there will be tryouts, contracts, and loads of benefits. It looks like there will be a stable environment for the players chosen to participate. More news and details will be coming out soon.

The opening ceremony sets the tone for the entire Blizzcon. What can we expect on the Overwatch front?



by Aaron "BLU3" on

What is Sombra's goal? Who is the next target? Can you solve the clues?

Another event has entered Overwatch and this one is holiday themed. The game has Halloween lootboxes, new Halloween themed cosmetics, and a new co-op style of Brawl. Unlike the summer games promotion, the new cosmetics can be purchased with in game currency – although their prices are going to be a bit higher than you are accustomed to. I am happy though that Blizzard took this step as not having them available to buy in game made it feel a bit like gambling with the loot boxes since you might only get 1 Halloween item in them and may not end up getting what you wanted. The Brawl, as stated is a co-op mode. Very similar to something like zombies in Call of Duty. You’re a team of 4 trying to stop the omnics from getting inside the castle doors and you have to fend off the Halloween versions of

Game director Jeff Kaplan addresses some of the community's most popular discussion topics, including hero balance, progress on Overwatch’s spectator system, and what kind of new hero and map content are in the early stages of development

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