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Overwatch is technically Blizzard’s second foray and attempt into the FPS genre. The first was their indefinitely-shelved Starcraft: Ghost. The introduction trailer showed a cartoony side of Blizzard in a different light. In fact, I almost thought that partnered with Pixar for the animation. Now as a little known fact, I used to be an FPS addict. Counterstrike was my main game of choice as I ascended the old competitive leagues of the now-defunct Cyber Athlete Amateur League. The highest I ever reached was CAL-Premier. Team Fortress 2 is a game that I’m almost certain inspired many of the elements in Overwatch. Gameplay Widowmaker My first hero was the Widowmaker because I valued that capability. In my youth, I was one of the few players on my team that adequately wielded the AWP (a sniper rifle capable of killing anyone with a single round in the torso). Even though she’s marked

Were you excited Friday when Blizzard announced Overwatch, their first new intellectual property in 17 years, to the world? How excited were those attending BlizzCon 2014? Our BlizzPro Weekly host Chris Arnone went out immediately after the opening ceremonies to capture what fans had to say about the announcement and game play.

The Overwatch team held a press conference questions and answer session the other day featuring Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Creative Director Chris Metzen. The two answered questions regarding developing a new game universe, storytelling, social and community features, and the future of Blizzard's new first-person, team-based shooter.


BlizzCon Overwatch Origins Panel

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The "Overwatch Origins" panel allowed the new franchise's team to explain what it was like developing an entirely new universe, something that even newer games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm haven't done entirely. Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Kaplan, Creative Director Chris Metzen, VFX Supervisor Jeff Chamberlain, Art Director Bill Petras, and Lead Character Concept Artist Arnold “Arn” Sang took the stage.


BlizzCon Overwatch Q&A Session

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The last half of the "Overwatch Origins" panel consisted of a question and answer session in the traditional BlizzCon fashion. Overwatch's team sported Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Kaplan, Creative Director Chris Metzen, VFX Supervisor Jeff Chamberlain, Art Director Bill Petras, and Lead Character Concept Artist Arnold "Arn" Sang. Highlights include discussion of the game's story and its future, where its ideas came from, and how the team will be approaching heroes in the future.


BlizzCon Main Stage Overwatch Panel

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Immediately following the announcement of Blizzard's latest game, Overwatch, an unannounced panel was held for the new title on the main stage. Panel hosts Christ Metzen and Jeffrey Kaplan took the stage to discuss the game's design philosophies, story, characters, abilities, character roles, maps, and much more.

I want to focus first on the cinematic experience for Overwatch, since it literally brought me to tears when I was watching it this morning on the show floor. Rumor has it that Blizzard’s Cinematics guys have been rubbing elbows with Pixar lately, and if that’s true it really demonstrates what that  team can do when they glom onto a style and run with it. The anime-influenced style is definitely something that you wouldn’t normally associate with Blizzard, but this cinematic changes all of that. From the 2D elements in the first part of the video to the six different characters in play throughout the fight itself, this is a brighter, crisper and more fluid kind of animation than we’ve ever seen out of them before, and it looks amazing. Moreover, as a cinematic that gives you a very strong impression of what the game itself looks like, it’s probably

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