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BlizzCon Overwatch Q&A Session

by Magistrate on

The last half of the "Overwatch Origins" panel consisted of a question and answer session in the traditional BlizzCon fashion. Overwatch's team sported Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Kaplan, Creative Director Chris Metzen, VFX Supervisor Jeff Chamberlain, Art Director Bill Petras, and Lead Character Concept Artist Arnold "Arn" Sang. Highlights include discussion of the game's story and its future, where its ideas came from, and how the team will be approaching heroes in the future.


BlizzCon Main Stage Overwatch Panel

by Magistrate on

Immediately following the announcement of Blizzard's latest game, Overwatch, an unannounced panel was held for the new title on the main stage. Panel hosts Christ Metzen and Jeffrey Kaplan took the stage to discuss the game's design philosophies, story, characters, abilities, character roles, maps, and much more.

I want to focus first on the cinematic experience for Overwatch, since it literally brought me to tears when I was watching it this morning on the show floor. Rumor has it that Blizzard’s Cinematics guys have been rubbing elbows with Pixar lately, and if that’s true it really demonstrates what that ┬áteam can do when they glom onto a style and run with it. The anime-influenced style is definitely something that you wouldn’t normally associate with Blizzard, but this cinematic changes all of that. From the 2D elements in the first part of the video to the six different characters in play throughout the fight itself, this is a brighter, crisper and more fluid kind of animation than we’ve ever seen out of them before, and it looks amazing. Moreover, as a cinematic that gives you a very strong impression of what the game itself looks like, it’s probably

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