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Overwatch Pins at PAX East

by JR Cook on

PAX East is just 2 weeks away and Penny Arcade has released information on pins you can acquire at the convention as part of their pin trading program from Pinny Arcade. Blizzard is participating again this year like they did last year with Leeroy and Hearthstone pins and at PAX Prime with the ETC and Iron Horde pins. This year they have some Overwatch pins. If you want to get these pins all you have to do is play a game of Overwatch at the Blizzard booth at PAX East to get the normal pin. To receive the golden pin you will need to get the “Play of the Game” which is shown at the end of the match. Also, I’ll be at PAX East this year… and if you happen to get a golden pin, I totally want one and will happily trade something for it.


New Map Hinted for PAX East

by JR Cook on

The Overwatch social media team is in action this morning with this post. Strange lights sighted over decommissioned Watchpoint. Just another weather balloon, officials claim. pic.twitter.com/bjE35ZDrrc — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 16, 2015 My thoughts? It’s a new map that will be revealed at PAX East. If you look at the news ticker it talks about a summit for the Atlantic Seaboard AI Summit from March 6-8. Well, on the Atlantic coast in Boston on those same dates is when PAX East is. It looks like we’ll be seeing at least 1 new map at the show but I fully expect there will be lots more news coming out of the show on March 6th. Also, record peanut butter sales are a thing. Probably unrelated, but now I want Peanut Butter.


Overwatch at PAX East

by JR Cook on

Blizzard will be at PAX East again this year and some big announcements should be coming from the studio as they have in the past years at the convention. If you remember, back in 2013 Blizzard announced Hearthstone at PAX East and last year they revealed Curse of Naxxramas for Hearthstone along with some new information for Heroes of the Storm. Both of those games will be back at PAX East this year along with a new one – Overwatch. The Blizzard panel is taking place at 10:30 AM Friday in the Albatross theater. Jeff Kaplan will be there along with Dustin Browder (Heroes) and Eric Dodds (Hearthstone) to reveal new information about these games. This will be the first major news we have seen from Overwatch since the game was announced at BlizzCon so we expect a lot of good information coming out. It also looks like the game


Help Make BlizzPro Ad Free!

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Check out our Patreon page http://patreon.com/blizzpro to help make BlizzPro a better place. Ads are a serious pain in the butt for all involved. The users hate them because they can be annoying and get in the way of the content. They can be dangerous because sometimes malicious people will sneak malware in through ads before the publishers notice before it’s too late. For content creators, especially ones with a demographic of tech savvy people, we lose out on a very big chunk of advertising revenue because of adblock. In fact, over 60% of our readers use adblock. Could you run anything with 60% of your revenue being cut simply because users have a program installed? It’s terrible and I hate ads. I hate having to troubleshoot problems they bring when malicious ads come through and I get a sick feeling to my stomach if any of my users got

Hereos of the Storm launched closed beta this week, and while there are no plans to add Overwatch characters to the game (at least until after Overwatch launches) there is a small easter egg in the update. Tychus got a skin update and his color variants provide a couple images of Overwatch characters on them. Here is the original default skin Tychus has: The first color variant – as you can see, our favorite Overwatch assassin Widow makes an appearance on his left shoulder The 2nd color variant displays who has basically been the face of Overwatch, Tracer.

Yesterday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office sent a suspension letter to Blizzard Entertainment suspending their application for the trademark for Overwatch. The reason being is that the trademark is already registered with a company in Arkansas called Innovis Labs, Inc. It appears that Innovis Labs has released a mobile application called Overwatch which is meant to be used by competitive Paint Ball players. It was founded by 18 year old Josh Moody who is also the CEO for Innovis Labs and their trademark for Overwatch was filed September 5, 2013 where as Blizzard filed their application April 1, 2014. Overwatch is currently available for iPhones and has no Android version yet with the last update hitting December 14, 2014. It has some decent reviews (but only 11 total) and based on their website there doesn’t seem to be much of an online community for the device as of yet.


PC Gamer Highlights Overwatch

by JR Cook on

This month’s edition of PC Gamer Magazine has Overwatch right on the cover with about 6 pages of information about the game. Save an extra 20% off a PC Gamer subscription this Boxing Day with the discount code BOXING20. http://t.co/0UlaupuHBZ pic.twitter.com/E4SDkoQW7T — PC Gamer (@pcgamer) December 26, 2014 I went out and grabbed a copy this morning to read through it hoping there would be new information revealed, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be the case. The 6 pages of the magazine dedicated to Overwatch goes over what the game was like at BlizzCon and basically goes over the same details we learned at BlizzCon. It does have some fun art though and if you’re into collecting magazines that highlight your favorite games this is a good pickup to get. The article is an interesting read so if you didn’t get all the info of what was said at BlizzCon

The world of Overwatch has been pretty silent since the reveal at BlizzCon. Especially for a game that is supposed to have a beta soon and be released in 2015. This week the facebook page has a bit of activity as 9 new screenshots were added for King’s Row, one of the Payload maps (currently the only payload map at the moment). Remember, if you haven’t yet, sign up for beta. King’s Row is a Payload map situated in the heart of England. In this location, the attacking team’s objective is to move vital cargo to a designated delivery point, while the defenders work to halt the attackers’ progress until time runs out.

Someone over at Overpwn.com discovered the art assets for Overwatch has been added to the battle.net client and the folks at Overpwn were able to confirm it. Now, this really isn’t huge news or even mean that anything is happening, but I do believe we might be seeing the beginning of Friends and Family Alpha sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday. The reason I believe we’re actually that close to a F&F Alpha? Well, while at BlizzCon while I was standing in line to play Overwatch, a Blizzard employee was in front of me with his family and friends waiting to play as well. That’s when Frank Pearce (Blizzard co-founder) walked by and asked him why he was in line to play the game when it’s going to be available to play in the office “in just a couple weeks”. It seems quite possible that this game is certainly further along


Tracer Statue Available for Pre-order

by matticus on

A statue of Overwatch hero Tracer is now available from the Blizzard store for pre-order! She’ll set you back a cool $150. The base of the statue has the option of coming with an illuminated Overwatch logo. You can see her in a classic mid stride as she’s in gunning form. Sculpted by Senior Sculptor Brian Fay and painted by Senior Illustrator Laurel Austin, you can really notice the care and attention that was given to really capture Tracer’s personality. The figure measures 10.5″ (or 26.67 cm) from floor to head and it includes an AC adapter with a battery option. Alas, it does not come with batteries. These statues are expected to ship sometime in February 2015. She looks awesome! Can’t wait until I get one of these!