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Game director Jeff Kaplan chats about Overwatch's upcoming server browser feature, detailing changes being made to Custom Games and discussing the future of Capture the Flag.


Winston’s Journey to the West

by Aaron "BLU3" on

For their new event Year of the Rooster, Overwatch has released a new animated comic. It is done more in the style of a picture book. you get to explore a cherished memory from Winston's past.


Year of the Rooster has Begun

by Aaron "BLU3" on

Year of the Rooster has officially started. You will have from now tell February 13 to join in all the festivities.

Funko adds 6 new characters to their Overwatch linup.


Developer Update | PTR Philosophy

by kickedtripod on

Jeff Kaplan is back with the first Developer Update of 2017. We’ll give you the highlights but make to watch the full video! Console PTR Jeff addresses some of the questions about the PTR (Public Test Region) and why it isn’t available on console. In short, his answer comes down to coordinating with Microsoft and Sony’s ecosystems vs. Blizzard’s own ecosytem. The Overwatch team uses the time they gain from a PC PTR to acquire certification for a simultaneous patch release on all platforms. Purpose of PTR While giving feedback on balance changes is important and helpful, Jeff reiterates that there are other important features being tested on the PTR. Incentivizing PTR The team is not opposed to incentivizing the PTR with rewards like loot boxes or a portion of experience transferring back to live regions. However, in comparison with developing features that would affect all players, the Overwatch team hasn’t found

Diablo has begun it's 20th anniversary events. For those who mainly play Overwatch you get to still join in the fun. What goodies will we get in Overewatch?


New Map Released: Oasis

by JR Cook on

When the Overwatch development team says certain content will be released “early 2017” they weren’t joking. Just 3 days into the New Year they have released the new control map, Oasis, to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Oasis is a new control map set in a very advanced city in the Arabian desert. Researchers and academics from around the region came together to found a city dedicated to scientific progress without restraints—a monument to human ingenuity and invention. The city and its inhabitants are governed by the Ministries, a collection of brilliant minds who possess many secrets that have attracted the interest of powerful organizations from around the world. The biggest feature of this map will be the fact that teams will need to dodge vehicles and also utilize jumping pads to capture and defend 3 different control points. I for one am looking forward to the Play of the Games

Team EnVyUs adds another trophy to their display case Jonathan “Harryhook” Tejedor lined up the perfect headshot on Russell “FctFctn” Campbell, toppling the last standing player of FaZe Clan. With only five seconds left, there was no hope to reignite the overtime fuse on Temple of Anubis. As the countdown came to a sizzling close, lights in the colosseum strobed with blinding enthusiasm—EnVyUs reigned as champions of the MLG Vegas Overwatch 2016 Invitational. The best of seven barely cut the hour mark in the most one-sided series of the tournament. EnVyUs’s 4-0 clean sweep took the stadium by surprise as FaZe Clan proved capable of dominating the other Overwatch competitive heavyweight, Fnatic, in the semifinals. Rivals go tit for tat, Fnatic misstep results in unexpected upset The semifinals were what the finals should have been—a back and forth spar of tactical prowess and clever instinct. In a best of five,

Hope you had a great Winter Wonderland event. If you haven't got in on the fun, you best hurry. With only a couple days left you may still get that coveted skin you have been wanting.

So here are a few notes about “Reflections” that might be relevant to folks who like the tiny details about the world of Overwatch. Tracer doesn’t need to wear her chronal accelerator at all times in order to keep herself rooted in the present. Note that it is in the room with Tracer when she’s with Emily and later in Winston’s lab at Gibraltar. Those are Torbjorn’s kids that Reinhardt is reading stories to. (However, you’ve got eight kids but only six stockings? Hmmm.) The lady off Reinhardt’s left shoulder, however, is Brigitte. She’s Reinhardt’s armorer from the “Dragon Slayer” comic. No confirmation yet on whether Brigitte is Torbjorn’s child or not, but it would make sense. Also: notice that Torb’s left hand is clearly visible, so despite how it looks in-game, he really does have two complete arms. Pharah is apparently not on a date; given that the gentleman is