Team EnVyUs adds another trophy to their display case Jonathan “Harryhook” Tejedor lined up the perfect headshot on Russell “FctFctn” Campbell, toppling the last standing player of FaZe Clan. With only five seconds left, there was no hope to reignite the overtime fuse on Temple of Anubis. As the countdown came to a sizzling close, lights in the colosseum strobed with blinding enthusiasm—EnVyUs reigned as champions of the MLG Vegas Overwatch 2016 Invitational. The best of seven barely cut the hour mark in the most one-sided series of the tournament. EnVyUs’s 4-0 clean sweep took the stadium by surprise as FaZe Clan proved capable of dominating the other Overwatch competitive heavyweight, Fnatic, in the semifinals. Rivals go tit for tat, Fnatic misstep results in unexpected upset The semifinals were what the finals should have been—a back and forth spar of tactical prowess and clever instinct. In a best of five,

Esports magnate Counter Logic Gaming joins the Overwatch scene by signing free agent team The 1 Percent into their roster. The announcement was made live by CLG’s CEO Devin Nash during the first day of MLG Las Vegas 2016. The six players, Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy, Nathan “Miso” Lui, Michael “The” Kuhns, Adam “Waffletastic” Sydner, Joao “Hydration” Pedro Goes Telles and Daniel “Mikado” Yamilkoski were introduced on stage sporting their new organization’s jerseys. “This is the first time that CLG has entered a new IP in over a year,” said Nash. While the announcement was made during MLG Las Vegas, CLG will not compete in this tournament. “The team was chosen due to exhibiting the talent, hard work and intelligent analysis that CLG prides itself upon,” said Nash. “We are proud to have them on board.”


MLG Vegas hosts NA Overwatch Invitational

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The Overwatch NA Invitational will take place at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, on December 16 through 18. Over the three-day event qualified North American professional teams will fight each other using a variety of fantastical characters and clever tactics in hopes of winning the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool. The eight elite teams to duke it out on stage are: Cloud9, CompLexity, EnVyUs, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Team Liquid, NRG, and Rise Nation. Each game will be cast and analyzed by a pool of talent including: Huk, DoA, Monte Cristo, Mr X, Puckett, Flame, Goldenboy, Seltzer, Ster and ZP. At the end of each day, End Game will bring together esports fans under one roof for a huge celebration featuring interactive experiences, surprise musical performances and unique opportunities for content creators throughout the weekend. While VIP tickets have sold out, there is still hope for attendees