The Payload team takes a quick look back at all the Overwatch developments from the first day of BlizzCon 2016, including the growth of eSports and the Overwatch League, Sombra, the new cinematic short, stealth controversy, and a lot more. Visit our YouTube channel for more BlizzCon 2016 video coverage from our team at the event–and don’t miss our day one recap from the site. Stay tuned to @BlizzPro, our Facebook page, and each of our sites for coverage of panels, discussions, and everything in between!

Game Director Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube today to discuss how the team has handled progression systems in Overwatch, and how they’re looking at it going forward. Below, we’ve summarized the key points.

Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube today with a Dev Update addressing several ongoing player concerns, including future heroes and maps, game systems and features, and other issues. You can watch the full video below, referring to the listed timestamps for each topic. Notes Future heroes (and presumably maps) will be free content to all players once they’re patched in, not paid DLC Music slider/toggle option will be available soon Background sound (plays when game is minimized) option will be available soon In-game “killfeed” has been discussed internally and is a feature planned for the future New objective score for defending team and other updates coming to end-of-game card/commendation system Scoreboard will remain largely the same Will refine “fire” system to “understand who’s performing at a really high level in the map” Kill Cam auto-skip option available in future

Several days out from the Overwatch beta test weekend, Blizzard took to Twitter to share some of the stats testers brought to the surface. Among over 350,000 matches played for the weekend, Soldier: 76, D.VA, Torbjörn, and Symmetra saw the most frequent wins, with the average match clocking in at just over eight minutes: Here's a few stats from last week's Beta Test Weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped make this test such a success! — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) November 28, 2015 You can stay updated on beta opportunities by following @PlayOverwatch.


Beta Patch Notes – Nov. 20

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New Overwatch beta patch notes went up today with some hero balancing changes and UI updates. You can read the complete notes on the official blog post or below.

You can now pre-purchase Overwatch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One through the store. You can choose from three editions: Overwatch ($39.99): Includes base game and Noire skin for Widowmaker Overwatch Origins Edition ($59.99): Includes base game, Widowmaker’s Noire skin, five additional hero skins (see below), and in-game goodies (see below) Overwatch Collector’s Edition* ($129.99): Includes base game, Widowmaker’s Noire Skin, five additional hero skins (see below), in-game goodies (see below), Soldier: 76 statue, Overwatch Visual Sourcebook, and the Overwatch soundtrack *Cannot be pre-purchased digitally; choose from Amazon, Gamestop, or Best Buy. Origins Edition Video Five Origin Bonus Skins Available with the Origins and Collector’s Edition options, the pack includes access to Overgrown Bastion, Blackwatch Reyes, Slipstream Tracer, Strike-Commander Morrison, and Security Chief Pharah: In-Game Goodies Available with the Origins and Collector’s Edition options, these pre-order bonuses include: Baby Winston pet (World of Warcraft) Overwatch card back (Hearthstone)

The Overwatch team held a press conference questions and answer session the other day featuring Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Creative Director Chris Metzen. The two answered questions regarding developing a new game universe, storytelling, social and community features, and the future of Blizzard's new first-person, team-based shooter.


BlizzCon Overwatch Origins Panel

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The "Overwatch Origins" panel allowed the new franchise's team to explain what it was like developing an entirely new universe, something that even newer games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm haven't done entirely. Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Kaplan, Creative Director Chris Metzen, VFX Supervisor Jeff Chamberlain, Art Director Bill Petras, and Lead Character Concept Artist Arnold “Arn” Sang took the stage.


BlizzCon Overwatch Q&A Session

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The last half of the "Overwatch Origins" panel consisted of a question and answer session in the traditional BlizzCon fashion. Overwatch's team sported Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Kaplan, Creative Director Chris Metzen, VFX Supervisor Jeff Chamberlain, Art Director Bill Petras, and Lead Character Concept Artist Arnold "Arn" Sang. Highlights include discussion of the game's story and its future, where its ideas came from, and how the team will be approaching heroes in the future.


BlizzCon Main Stage Overwatch Panel

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Immediately following the announcement of Blizzard's latest game, Overwatch, an unannounced panel was held for the new title on the main stage. Panel hosts Christ Metzen and Jeffrey Kaplan took the stage to discuss the game's design philosophies, story, characters, abilities, character roles, maps, and much more.