JR Cook



The world of Overwatch has been pretty silent since the reveal at BlizzCon. Especially for a game that is supposed to have a beta soon and be released in 2015. This week the facebook page has a bit of activity as 9 new screenshots were added for King’s Row, one of the Payload maps (currently the only payload map at the moment). Remember, if you haven’t yet, sign up for beta. King’s Row is a Payload map situated in the heart of England. In this location, the attacking team’s objective is to move vital cargo to a designated delivery point, while the defenders work to halt the attackers’ progress until time runs out.

Someone over at Overpwn.com discovered the art assets for Overwatch has been added to the battle.net client and the folks at Overpwn were able to confirm it. Now, this really isn’t huge news or even mean that anything is happening, but I do believe we might be seeing the beginning of Friends and Family Alpha sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday. The reason I believe we’re actually that close to a F&F Alpha? Well, while at BlizzCon while I was standing in line to play Overwatch, a Blizzard employee was in front of me with his family and friends waiting to play as well. That’s when Frank Pearce (Blizzard co-founder) walked by and asked him why he was in line to play the game when it’s going to be available to play in the office “in just a couple weeks”. It seems quite possible that this game is certainly further along

Were you excited Friday when Blizzard announced Overwatch, their first new intellectual property in 17 years, to the world? How excited were those attending BlizzCon 2014? Our BlizzPro Weekly host Chris Arnone went out immediately after the opening ceremonies to capture what fans had to say about the announcement and game play.

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