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Staying true to their word that we would see competitive mode by the end of June, PC players will be seeing the patch go live today. It’s not live yet and a time frame of what time today was not given. For console gamers, the patch will not hit until sometime next week (most speculation points to July 5th). This appears to be due to the patching process on consoles and Blizzard says they are working on ways to try and sync up patches like this better in the future. You can read the full details below


Overview of Competitive Mode

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Competitive Mode is now available on the PTR and with it are some fundamental changes around the how competitive mode will work now compared to how it worked in beta. You can access competitive mode by hitting the Play button and you’ll be met with a new card on that screen for competitive play. As long as you are level 25 or above you can join. At the beginning of each season you will need to do 10 placement matches which will then determine your skill level. It’s been announced that each season will last roughly 2 and a half months. It appears season 1 is scheduled to end August 18th. For competing in the season you will earn a new player icon, a player spray, and competitive points which you can use to purchase the gold guns. A gold gun will cost you 300 competitive points which means you


PTR Patch Notes: Competitive Mode

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Competitive Mode is now launched on PTR with other things along with the new upcoming patch. You can play the PTR on PC by selecting and installing the PTR version in the battle.net launcher. This is for PC only and will not work on consoles and is not available in the China region. The big part of this patch is of course the introduction of competitive mode along with the addition of equipping certain gun skins for the new golden gun system. There are new social options in the hero selection screen so you can see players career profiles and other things. They have also removed the prefer/avoid player system because it was being used in ways that weren’t really intended. You can read the full patch notes below

Game Director Jeff Kaplan took to the forums today and responded to a post about matchmaking. His post is huge and has a lot of details in it and it shows just how much goes into deciding how the other 11 players are picked for the match. I have a quick summary of some of the points I think are important: There is a fine line between waiting longer for the “perfect” match but waiting too long for a match to be made. Just because the match resulted in a blowout doesn’t mean the matchmaking system failed. Look at pro sports for an example of how blowouts can happen between 2 of the best teams in the world. Ping is taken into account on matchmaking. Grouping is another factor taken into account. The game does try to match you with similar sized groups. MMR is the final factor, and the


Gold Gun Gallery

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On the Korean PTR for Overwatch we have our first look at what the new golden guns will look like in Overwatch. These will be available as exclusive rewards during the new competitive mode which should be out by the end of June. Source of images: http://m.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=4677l=99


Developer Update: Competitive Play

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Game Director Jeff Kaplan released a video earlier today about the status of Overwatch, their plans for the future, and what they are currently on now and plan on releasing the end of this month. This video is primarily about what Competitive Play will be about and more details will be coming soon for it. You can watch the full 12 minute video below, but a quick summary of what changes are coming with competitive play: Season length will be 2 and a half months with a 2 week or so break between seasons. Will be 4 seasons per year and will correspond with Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Sudden Death will happen less often when games are much closer (was happening as much as 35% before). Sudden Death will resolve on the map you tied on instead of a random map like before. Assault maps like Volskaya, Hunamura, and


Just last week we were talking about Overwatch having over 7 million players. Now it’s been announced it’s at over 10 million. This number includes all PC, PS4, and Xbox One accounts. The game is continuing to grow at a record breaking pace and there isn’t even a competitive mode yet (which is still slated to be out sometime this month). This with the addition of a $100,000 tournament already scheduled, it’s safe to say that this game is taking the video game industry by storm. You can check out the full announcement with this tweet: Ten million Overwatch agents activated and counting! Thank you for daring to see the world for what it could be. 💛 pic.twitter.com/5nCe4e32XT — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 14, 2016

We have some early patch notes for Overwatch coming in and some expected McCree nerfs primarily for Fan the Hammer and also some nerfs to Widowmaker body shots are incoming. We have taken the translation from this Reddit thread created by /u/Summon528. McCree gets quite the damage nerf which was absolutely needed as this forces him to actually land nearly all of those Fan the Hammer shots where as before he really only needed to land a couple. This also makes it harder for him to take out tanks as fast as he could. Widowmaker will still do the same damage she does on headshots (so that’s not a buff), but he body damage has been reduced. These balance changes look like they were put in place to have less skillful players dominate with these 2 characters, while still having them be good picks for more skillful players who could land those

We don’t have number of copies sold (and may never have that number due to various ways you can purchase this game and how the Asian market works with PC Bangs), but we do have number of players in the game and it’s a big one. Remember that we say 9.7 million players during the open beta? Well, in the first week of the release of the game over 70% of those players have played the game since release. 7 Million players have played Overwatch since May 24th logging more than 119 million hours of gameplay. It’s one of the biggest global launches of all time for a video game in it’s first week alone. While the success of the game is not surprising since this is Blizzard’s first IP in nearly 20 years and the reviews have been stellar, it does go to show how much faith people have

Edit: This article is now incorrect. It seems the social media team had a typo in their tweet and had meant June instead of July, so we are still on course for competitive mode sometime this month. @adrianmaturell Sorry about this! Competitive Play will be coming later in *JUNE*, not July. Apologies again for the error. 😖 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 1, 2016 For those clamoring for competitive mode in Overwatch, it had been alluded that it would hit sometime in June, possibly just a few weeks over the game released. However, it appears that timeline has now been delayed, and according to the @PlayOverwatch twitter account, July is the earliest we could see it. Even that is a tentative date as Blizzard wants to take their time and make sure competitive mode is the best it can possibly be on release. @adrianmaturell We’ll be introducing our Competitive Play (hopefully) later

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