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New Map: Eichenwalde

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GamesCom in Europe started this week and with it some new announcements from Blizzard. We have a new Bastion animated short that hasn’t been shown yet, but we also got a new map that will be releasing next month in Eichenwalde Castle. This map will be a new Assault/Payload hybrid map that is set around the castle of Eichenwalde in Germany. From the description of the site: The new map will bring about the origins of Bastion in his animated short. The forest he was found in will be in this map. As you watch the video of the map you will see lots of dead Bastions laying around – so it’s clear they were used in this final battle and got absolutely destroyed (must have been quite the army). We’ll likely learn more about this place once Bastion’s animated short is revealed later this week.

Competitive Season 1 is coming to a close this week, and with the next couple weeks off we’ll all be preparing for season 2. However, there are a lot of changes coming to how competitive mode will work next season and Game Director Jeff Kaplan made a lengthy video about them. The biggest change will be how skill rating will work. It’s no longer a scale of 1-100 but will be a scale of 1-5000 and split between bronze, silver, gold and up much like how StarCraft and Heroes of the Storm ladder systems work. Top 500 players will now also have a requirement of competing in at least 50 matches. The new tiers will be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grand Master. For all tiers you won’t be able to fall below your tier except for Master and Grand Master ranks. Season rewards will now be based

One of the major complaints in the competitive community has been the fact that Overwatch was set at 20 tick for it’s server rate. This would cause a lot of frustration in appearing you might be shot behind a wall and then you see the kill cam and it shows you weren’t even around it yet. 20 tick is relatively slow and no other competitive FPS game has it set that low. A lot of players were hoping to see it get upped to 60 or higher (honestly every competitive gamer will always complain it’s too slow). Here’s a pretty decent video that explains more about what the problem was: And here’s a video from Blizzard’s developers explaining in more technical details about the net code: However, it looks like tonight, Blizzard has quietly upgraded to 60 tick. Check the screenshot below. In game when you press control-shift-N that will

Yesterday during Activision-Blizzard’s quarterly financial update we learned that Overwatch now has over 15 million players world wide and the game made roughly $500 million of the roughly $750 million Blizzard made last quarter. Over 15 million Overwatch players? Whoo! Get HYPE! Thanks for believin’, heroes. 💙💚❤️ pic.twitter.com/C1us6IBDyO — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) August 4, 2016 Now, 15 million players doesn’t necessarily mean 15 million copies sold (mostly due to how the Asia market works with PC Bangs). But let’s say it’s a fairly close indicator. If Overwatch has sold 15 million copies, it would place it in the top 50 for ALL TIME in games sold. It would currently be sitting just behind some Call of Duty titles and Battlefield 3 to be claimed as the top selling FPS franchise at all time. As it stands right now, it would need roughly another 12 million copies sold to pass the all

Overwatch has released it’s first of what I am assuming will be several upcoming limited themed events, this one celebrating the summer 2016 Olympics. You can score about 90 new cosmetic items which range from player profiles to hero skins for this event and it begins today and lasts until August 22nd. There is a bit of controversy behind the event as the new summer game lootboxes are what hold these items. You can buy them with real money for the following prices: 2 crates for $1.99 5 crates for $4.99 11 crates for $9.99 24 crates for $19.99 50 crates for $39.99 However, the cosmetic items you can not buy with credit in game. They are available though by leveling up and getting a loot box. So if there is a certain cosmetic item you REALLY want, you’re going to need some luck on your side to get it.

Patch is now live on the PC version of the game and with it is the new sniper support here, Ana. The patch will be coming to console on PS4 and Xbox One but currently there is no time table given from Blizzard on when it will hit. This patch also includes changes to overtime and some hero balance changes. Most notably are significant changes to D.Va and Zenyatta. You can read the full patch notes below


PTR Patch Notes – Ana Edition

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The PTR is now available and with it you can try out the newly announced hero, Ana. The PTR also has the one hero limit change for competitive play. Some of the biggest changes coming in this patch though is a quicker burn down time for overtime and a higher respawn rate when in Overtime. Zenyatta and D.Va also have some significant changes to their kits. Check out the full patch notes below

With the reveal of the new hero Ana, we got some interesting news coming from GameSpot who interviewed Blizzard’s Principal Designer Scott Mercer about Overwatch. It appears that beginning in season 2 of competitive play, a one hero limit will now be applied and Sudden Death will be removed in favor of ending the game in a tie. There have been a lot of rumblings in the competitive scene that a one hero limit was needed, and it appears that Blizzard ultimately agreed with this. Sudden Death was also a problem and a bit of a coin flip for who would win and while a tie may not be the best way to decide an outcome, it’s still better than the system currently in place. The One Hero Limit will not carry over to quick play mode. This change will only be on for competitive. Jeff Kaplan later provided some


New Hero Revealed: Ana Amari

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New trailer has been released revealing our new hero that will be coming to Overwatch, Ana Amari (Pharah’s mother). She is a ranged support character. You can watch the full trailer of her origins below: So does this mean that Ana Amari is the fabled Sombra? Many would believe so but the origins trailer makes no mention of that name. Plus the trailer shows her icon with just the name of Ana. It’s quite possible that Sombra is likely someone else. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more revealed soon along with what her abilities are. Currently there is no timetable on when we will see this hero released. EDIT Gameplay Video has been released: Her abilities include: Biotic Rifle – fires long range darts that heal allies and damage enemies Biotic Grenade – Heals allies and damages enemies. Also boosts healing for allies and BLOCKS healing of enemies


Competitive Mode is Live: Patch Notes

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Competitive Mode is now officially launched for PC (consoles will be next week). The patch appears to be live in all regions. Below are the patch notes, not much was changed between last week’s PTR into release. Check our previous post on the golden gun system and our overview of how competitive mode works.

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