Well, looks like the tease campaign is actually over: Soldier 76 now has an official profile page on the Overwatch site, complete with ability previews, character bio, and a pair of videos that showcase both his addition to the cast and an animatic sequence that provides his origin story. Check out the videos below and some additional analysis after that. Some sharp-eyed folks on Reddit also picked up on a few visual clues during the origin video: namely that a character appears who may be related to Pharah, as well as someone who may be Reaper before he goes all shadow-killy-time. No way to tell if this is true without more story materials, but it’s interesting to see Blizzard plant the seeds. Aside from all the story implications of 76’s origin video, this entire campaign has started to demonstrate how Blizzard plans to deliver on the transmedia story of Overwatch; doing

The Soldier:76 teaser campaign continues and drops its biggest bombs yet: the identity of the masked assailant, and where he falls in the growing conflict at the heart of Overwatch. Commander Jack Morrison: What really happened to the man who defined a generation? | http://t.co/TrEs7D3AvN pic.twitter.com/96BtVjFwum — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 6, 2015 Read the full report below and then stick around for some analysis. I remember the day Jack Morrison died. It was the day the world lost a hero.Like other members of the so-called “Overwatch Generation,” I spent my childhood looking up to Morrison. He taught me that heroes were real. He made me believe that even I could be one. When he died under mysterious circumstances six years ago, I felt as if a part of my childhood died with him. The details about his death have always remained few and far between, a strange fact, given that he


New/Old Clues About Soldier 76?

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After the reveal of the “Soldier 76” teaser image from earlier, one of our staffers recalled that it might not necessarily be an entirely new concept: apparently, Chris Metzen (currently Senior VP of Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard, and generally recognized as the guy who does the big amp-the-crowd pitch at BlizzCon every year) had an independent comic submission that he wrote with the same name back in 2004. You can read Metzen’s own summary of the concept on the art anthology site Sons of the Storm, which while not an official Blizzard site is made up of current and former Blizzard artists including Samwise Didier, Glenn Rane, and Wei Wang. This is the part of Metzen’s concept that stuck out to us: Essentially, the character – S:76 – is an old super soldier (there was a whole series of them – though the term ‘super soldier’ will likely

The hype train continues… somewhat erratically, really, because after the teaser image from a few days ago I expected it would be longer before we saw something else. Still, here’s what’s new: Who is "Soldier: 76?" New image provides clues about suspect involved in attacks on Overwatch facilities. pic.twitter.com/BOgmpKQghD — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) July 2, 2015 So what does this image tell us that we might not have already known before? Well, first and foremost is the clear look at what our new hero’s backside looks like, with the clear “76” and a triangular frame. This cements the idea that our new hero is likely male, since that body shape wouldn’t make sense with a female character; Zarya’s body shape is still feminine even if she’s built like a glorious pink-haired earthmover. We can also tell that this dude is wearing a mask, which has been stated plainly in previous

In addition to re-jigging the Overwatch main site to help showcase their blog entries, it looks like the Overwatch team is also looking to start writing some news articles from an in-universe perspective. That’s what brings us this news report from Atlas News, which seems to go hand-in-hand with the teaser image we saw weeks ago. In related news that should surprise no one, Team 4 is going to be at gamescom 2015 in Cologne, August 5-9th. The timing of these teasers definitely indicates that we can expect to hear some big news out of Blizzard. Without further ado, let’s get to the Atlas News piece, with some commentary from yours truly after the article: Experimental Weapon Stolen from Watchpoint: Grand Mesa WORLD By Atlas News Staff 1 hour ago 7 Officials Confirm Connection to Earlier IncidentsGRAND JUNCTION, CO—A masked intruder has attacked a former Overwatch facility, injuring a number

UPDATE: It appears the tweet and teaser image have been deleted from the official Twitter feed. However, thanks to Reddit, the image has been preserved:  UPDATE 6/29: The image has been posted again on the official Twitter feed: Security breach reported at former Overwatch base in Colorado. Intruder's motives currently unknown. pic.twitter.com/sPMxXq9vl5 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 29, 2015 Original coverage follows:  The @PlayOverwatch feed just pushed this out a few minutes ago: Explosions reported at former Overwatch base. Assailant's motives currently unknown. pic.twitter.com/hF3nByEEuK — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 19, 2015 So what could it mean? Well, first off, this is likely the start of a tease campaign, similar to what we saw before PAX East earlier this year. Recall that during that campaign, we were introduced to McCree, Zarya, and the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map. Assuming that this is something similar, we can likely expect more teases as we lead

In an interview with Polygon, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan talked somewhat more specifically about how the game rose from the ashes of the Titan project, but also how Blizzard’s current game offerings have had an impact on how it’s gone so far. Something that surprised me coming out of this article is how hard Kaplan is working to drive home the point that Overwatch is not just a piece of the intended Titan experience spun out into its own game, but instead something built from scratch that only took some design lessons learned by the Titan dev team. Another interesting note came from how the team is starting to consider the esports possibilities of the game. Kaplan tells a story about how the Overwatch QA team took funds intended for a party and instead threw an in-house tournament for the game. This was apparently a turning point in how Blizzard thought about the game, which then laid the


Blizzard PAX East Stream Coverage

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“At its core, Overwatch is a game about heroes. ” — Jeff Kaplan In other shooters, where a gun is the most important thing you’re carrying, Overwatch focuses more on the abilities you bring to the game. NEW MAP: Watchpoint Gibraltar Style Map: Payload (which is a more “pure” payload map than the mixed control-points/payload maps we saw at BlizzCon.) Brings something new to Overwatch, introducing the hsitory of the OVerwatch organization. The organization was an international peacekeeping group that was disbanded, and Winston is trying to put the band back together. He’s doing this by launching a satellite to create a communications array. The satellite is the payload you’re escorting through the map, and getting it to the launchpad is the overall objective. Attacker spawn is in Winston’s Lab, with a ton of information that gives context and background for the universe and Winston in particular. There’s a chokepoint at the bottom

I want to focus first on the cinematic experience for Overwatch, since it literally brought me to tears when I was watching it this morning on the show floor. Rumor has it that Blizzard’s Cinematics guys have been rubbing elbows with Pixar lately, and if that’s true it really demonstrates what that  team can do when they glom onto a style and run with it. The anime-influenced style is definitely something that you wouldn’t normally associate with Blizzard, but this cinematic changes all of that. From the 2D elements in the first part of the video to the six different characters in play throughout the fight itself, this is a brighter, crisper and more fluid kind of animation than we’ve ever seen out of them before, and it looks amazing. Moreover, as a cinematic that gives you a very strong impression of what the game itself looks like, it’s probably