In an interview with Polygon, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan talked somewhat more specifically about how the game rose from the ashes of the Titan project, but also how Blizzard’s current game offerings have had an impact on how it’s gone so far. Something that surprised me coming out of this article is how hard Kaplan is working to drive home the point that Overwatch is not just a piece of the intended Titan experience spun out into its own game, but instead something built from scratch that only took some design lessons learned by the Titan dev team. Another interesting note came from how the team is starting to consider the esports possibilities of the game. Kaplan tells a story about how the Overwatch QA team took funds intended for a party and instead threw an in-house tournament for the game. This was apparently a turning point in how Blizzard thought about the game, which then laid the


Blizzard PAX East Stream Coverage

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“At its core, Overwatch is a game about heroes. ” — Jeff Kaplan In other shooters, where a gun is the most important thing you’re carrying, Overwatch focuses more on the abilities you bring to the game. NEW MAP: Watchpoint Gibraltar Style Map: Payload (which is a more “pure” payload map than the mixed control-points/payload maps we saw at BlizzCon.) Brings something new to Overwatch, introducing the hsitory of the OVerwatch organization. The organization was an international peacekeeping group that was disbanded, and Winston is trying to put the band back together. He’s doing this by launching a satellite to create a communications array. The satellite is the payload you’re escorting through the map, and getting it to the launchpad is the overall objective. Attacker spawn is in Winston’s Lab, with a ton of information that gives context and background for the universe and Winston in particular. There’s a chokepoint at the bottom

I want to focus first on the cinematic experience for Overwatch, since it literally brought me to tears when I was watching it this morning on the show floor. Rumor has it that Blizzard’s Cinematics guys have been rubbing elbows with Pixar lately, and if that’s true it really demonstrates what that  team can do when they glom onto a style and run with it. The anime-influenced style is definitely something that you wouldn’t normally associate with Blizzard, but this cinematic changes all of that. From the 2D elements in the first part of the video to the six different characters in play throughout the fight itself, this is a brighter, crisper and more fluid kind of animation than we’ve ever seen out of them before, and it looks amazing. Moreover, as a cinematic that gives you a very strong impression of what the game itself looks like, it’s probably