Orisa Day One Impressions

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Hero #24, now identified as Orisa, has entered the PTR and she is remarkable. Before we get into too much detail though, let’s run down her vital stats and abilities. Orisa has 400 HP, 200 of which is Armor. Her primary weapon is Fusion Driver, which sports a 200-round clip. It has a fast rate of fire in a tight spread, and no apparent damage drop-off over range, so she’s highly accurate and quite damaging if she can concentrate fire. Similar to D.va, her movement speed decreases noticeably if she fires while moving, and her reload time is very long compared to other heroes (around 2.5-3 seconds). Secondary fire for the Fusion Driver is a graviton charge (called Halt!), which fires a larger projectile (which doesn’t use any of her ammo) that will pull nearby targets towards it when it strikes a solid surface. Note that the graviton charge doesn’t



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In a sudden blitzkrief of activity, we now know our new playable hero: Orisa, the brainchild of Efi Oladele. Orisa’s Origin story and a developer update from wrestlemania legend Jeff Kaplan have both gone live, and Orisa is also playable on the PTR. More information and analysis on Orisa is forthcoming. We’ll keep you update.


OVERHYPE: Efi Gets To Work

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A new image on the official Twitter feed shows us Efi’s checklist: Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: "Time to get to work!" pic.twitter.com/lQSzzD5ZT5 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 27, 2017 Let’s try to unpack everything here, starting with the items on the list: OR-15 chassis: The OR-15s are Numbani’s defense robots, a bunch of which just got junked by someone at the Numbani airport. Branford arm: This is a mystery currently, since it doesn’t appear to refer to a current mechanical model of some kind. Fusion driver: I’m assuming this isn’t a high-class golf club, but instead a high-powered (fusion-powered?) tool of some sort. Miniature Tolbelstein reactor: The “Tolbelstein reactor” probably refers to the Tobelstein reactor that powers Zarya’s particle cannon. The paint color palette is self-explanatory, but more importantly, it doesn’t match the appearance of any mechanized hero


Between an announcement that the Patch 1.8 PTR would be shutting down soon, and the discovery that 1.6gb of background data was getting pushed to the live client in advance of the patch, it’s pretty safe to assume that this week will see the recent PTR state becoming the new live game. Big elements of Patch 1.8 include the following: Capture The Flag is now a permanent fixture in Arcade Mode, with a number of additional maps modified for CTF. Some major changes to Bastion, widely considered to be numerous buffs. New option toggles for Mercy, Ana, Zarya, Zenyatta, Sombra, and Widowmaker. D.va’s Defense Matrix now eats projectiles instantly. NERF THIS! The Server Browser allows players to create custom games and host them for other players to find through searches. You wanna do a McCree headshots only map? You feel free, bro. Check out all the details on the patch


OVERHYPE: New Hero Teases Continue

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A new teaser this morning on the Overwatch twitter feed continues our hype train. OR15 defense units destroyed in confrontation with unidentified assailant at Numbani airport. No civilian casualties reported. pic.twitter.com/3XuXbCCugh — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 24, 2017 After earlier reports this week that Efi Oladele is not the next hero, a lot of people are back to square one in terms of who our next combatant is going to be. A couple things to note about this image, however: The image credit at the bottom is Efi’s name, suggesting she was herself on the scene in the aftermath of the attack. There’s a “Peter Parker capturing exclusive photos of Spider-man” air to this, if you catch my meaning. The OR15 defense bots were referenced in Efi’s reveal interview, and this drives home that they are the defense force for the city of Numbani. A city predicated on harmony between


OVERHYPE: A New Challenger Approaches?

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Blizzard dropped an unexpected bomb on us today with a tease of a new character coming to the game: 11-year African inventor Efi Oladele. There are a few things that we can assume, and probably a few conclusions that we’ll certainly have up in the air until we see a preview of some other kind, but here’s what I’m getting so far from this post: Efi will likely be oriented around distributing and possibly remote-controlling drones across the map. (Note the over-ear headphones and visor on her head.) There will likely be a resource mechanic that governs how many drones Efi can have running at once. “Robots can be messy… and expensive.” Efi may be a new support: “I want to create things that make our lives better… something that can keep us safe.” If the drones provide enhancement or protection to allied heroes, that would certainly match with the

So here are a few notes about “Reflections” that might be relevant to folks who like the tiny details about the world of Overwatch. Tracer doesn’t need to wear her chronal accelerator at all times in order to keep herself rooted in the present. Note that it is in the room with Tracer when she’s with Emily and later in Winston’s lab at Gibraltar. Those are Torbjorn’s kids that Reinhardt is reading stories to. (However, you’ve got eight kids but only six stockings? Hmmm.) The lady off Reinhardt’s left shoulder, however, is Brigitte. She’s Reinhardt’s armorer from the “Dragon Slayer” comic. No confirmation yet on whether Brigitte is Torbjorn’s child or not, but it would make sense. Also: notice that Torb’s left hand is clearly visible, so despite how it looks in-game, he really does have two complete arms. Pharah is apparently not on a date; given that the gentleman is

Ever-humble Team 4 Game Director Jeff Kaplan signed on for another dev update video, this time running down a review of how the first year of Overwatch in the wild has played out, as well as going into some preview mode of what’ll be happening with the game in 2017. Review points: Lots of iteration on the game as a result of the beta, especially on competitive mode. Ana and Sombra were both released; Ana came in a little underpowered, but Team 4 reacted too quickly to iterating on her, since it may have just been that the community hadn’t gotten used to her quite yet. Consequently, Sombra is not in a perfect spot yet balance-wise, but Team 4 doesn’t want to run the risk of doing with her what they did with Ana, so iteration might be a bit slower. Eichenwalde has been a great success as a new map. Seasonal events


Tracer Digital Comic: Reflections

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Yesterday we had some big news come out surrounding the latest Overwatch digital comic, which focuses on Tracer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty-four hours you probably know the big reveal that emerged from it, but we also won’t spoil it here. The key takeaway is that it’s a great comic showcasing the heroes of Overwatch during the winter holiday, and it both directly tells and indirectly hints at some sweet stories besides. Read the comic on Blizzard’s site or the motion-comic over on Madefire.

The fourth Overwatch animated short, this time focusing on Soldier: 76, is now online. Jack Morrison, the former Overwatch commander-turned-vigilante, is in Dorado and throwing down against Los Muertos, a radical anti-government group. I’m a bit surprised that this is releasing this morning instead of being an exclusive for the Coca-Cola cinematic event this evening; I expected it to be released online shortly thereafter, but at the same time, I don’t know if there’s a lot of value in overthinking it. It’ll still be a pleasure to watch all of these on the big screen. Overwatch launches worldwide on Spring 10th Tuesday, May 24th, but check where you are in the world, because it might be more like Monday night. Check out the full cinematic below.

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