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Overwatch: Orisa

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Efi spent the bulk of her grant money to acquire one of the decommissioned OR15 bots. She believed that Numbani needed a protector and that an upgraded OR15 could do just that. Efi repaired and reconfigured the robot and installed a personality core that she had designed herself.

Game director Jeff Kaplan chats about Overwatch's upcoming server browser feature, detailing changes being made to Custom Games and discussing the future of Capture the Flag.


Winston’s Journey to the West

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For their new event Year of the Rooster, Overwatch has released a new animated comic. It is done more in the style of a picture book. you get to explore a cherished memory from Winston's past.


Year of the Rooster has Begun

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Year of the Rooster has officially started. You will have from now tell February 13 to join in all the festivities.

Funko adds 6 new characters to their Overwatch linup.

Diablo has begun it's 20th anniversary events. For those who mainly play Overwatch you get to still join in the fun. What goodies will we get in Overewatch?

Hope you had a great Winter Wonderland event. If you haven't got in on the fun, you best hurry. With only a couple days left you may still get that coveted skin you have been wanting.


An Overwatch Carol

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Time to deck the Halls Overwatch Style


Sombra First Impressions

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It is time we take Sombra out of the shadows. Check out Max's @totallyfutile first impression.

Attention, recruits! If you haven't already had the opportunity to suit up and save the world as one of Overwatch's heroes, now's your chance.

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