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Overwatch New Hero “Ashe,” New Animated Short at BlizzCon 2018

by - 2 years ago

A new hero is coming to Overwatch: Ashe. The opening BlizzCon 2018 ceremony revealed this ranged ex-relationship of McCree and leader of the Deadlock Gang. The new hero can shoot herself up in the air with her gun, throw dynamite, and uses her Deadlock goon Bob as her summonable ultimate. Overwatch‘s 29th hero will come with unique skins for both her and Bob.

The new animated short, titled “Reunion,” features McCree facing off against Ashe and the Deadlock Gang at high noon in a desert environment. McCree is saving an AI/robot character named Echo from the clutches of the gang. Details on McCree’s motorcycle imply a previously positive relationship with Ashe. Little else is known about Echo or her role in the Overwatch universe.

More details to come with the Overwatch: What’s Next panel later today!

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