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New Mercy Skin Benefits Breast Cancer Research

by - 1 year ago

From May 8 until May 21 Overwatch players will be able to purchase a brand-new pink Mercy skin in-game (from the main menu) while doing some good at the same time:

100 percent of the proceeds from sales of the new skin on Battle.net will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organization which has raised millions to support clinical research on breast cancer at medical institutions in the United States and abroad. Blizzard will tell fans how much they raised after the end of the campaign towards the end of May.

There are player icons and sprays available as drops for watching participating charity streams as well as a t-shirt (in two styles) in the Blizzard Shop to go along with the charity drive.

The world could always use more heroes, so what are you waiting for? Go and get your pink Mercy skin ASAP and help Overwatch in their latest mission to help eradicate breast cancer.


Bill Cooney, aka: RedRhino, is a writer, editor and has been a loyal Blizzard acolyte ever since he installed StarCraft on his parent's Gateway. He mainly covers Overwatch and Overwatch League for Blizzpro.

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