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Overwatch League Stage One: Day Ten Recap

by - 3 years ago

On the tenth day, there were upsets. Oh, were there upsets. Two teams — New York and London — would enter the day undefeated. Neither would leave without a loss. Boston and Philadelphia threw the analysts’ predictions out the window and made their own path to victory. Florida were unable to finish the night with another upset against the Outlaws, as the Mayhem continued to look for cohesion.

Boston Uprising 3 — 2 London Spitfire

Numbani BOS 4-5 LON

Boston pushed well and got 3 points on their attack. London captured 3 points as well, with about the same amount of time as Boston.

Boston were able to take A on their second attack, but didn’t move the payload very far. London easily pushed and went up 1-0 in the match.

Anubis BOS 3-2 LON

Boston took point A after key eliminations of the Spitfire supports. The Uprising moved with intent and keep momentum to take B quickly. London took 2 points as well, but it took the Spitfire much longer than Boston. London were unable to take A and Boston found themselves more than 6 minutes to win the map. They didn’t need anything close to that and tied the match up 1-1 after a good looking double-kill courtesy of Dreamkazper on Widowmaker.

Ilios BOS 2-1 LON

London took first control of the point on lighthouse. The Uprising took it back briefly but weren’t able to hold on and the Spitfire would come back and go up 1-0 to start the battle on the Greek island.

London took Well first, with Bdosin providing some extra speed with Lucio. Boston would flip the point, but not before London captured 91 percent progress. Boston would send Ilios to three maps thanks to more dominant Pharah play courtesy of Dreamkazper.

Boston took first progress on Ruins and got progress about halfway before London flipped the point. Hooreg was looking solid on Widow but Boston stayed cohesive and eked out a win.

Junkertown BOS 2-3 LON

Boston pushed, but it was a tough slog through to the third section. London forced Boston off before the Uprising got three points, despite a good Dragonblade by Dreamkazper that kept the push alive in overtime.

A good hard fight by Boston on first point wasted a lot of time. London started to get going in the second point thanks to strong tracer play by Birdring. The Spitfire would keep the Uprising on the back foot and push the payload to a showdown on Lijiang Tower.

Lijiang Tower BOS 2-0 LON

Gardens was back and forth until it got to 99-99 percent. Boston came out on top and came within a game of the win.

Boston took first control of Night Market. But London came back and after another marathon fight on point, started getting progress. Boston just were not losing this match, though, and came back with a vengeance to retake the point and secure the first real upset of the Overwatch League Season.

Philadelphia Fusion 3 — 2 New York Excelsior

Numbani PHI 1-2 NYXL

Phil took A and pushed the payload within meters of the second point. London held, and Philly would only get 1 point out of their attack. London easily pushed and went up early in match.

Anubis PHI 2-1 NYXL

The Fusion took A after a misstep by New York. Philadelphia would take B after Shadowburn got two dash eliminations to leave the point undefended. New York would take the first point and it seemed we would be headed to extra rounds, but the Fusion had other ideas. Philadelphia help strong and tied the match at 1-1.

Ilios PHI 1-2 NYXL


Pine came in on Widow for Ruins and battled with Carpe who was also on widow. Philly took the point first and get 99% progress before New York flipped. Pine impressed on Widow but it wasn’t enough to keep Philly from winning the first point. Again, Philly took Lighthouse at first, but New York fought back and once they took control they didn’t give it up and took the point. It was all Pine on Well and New York would clean up to take Ilios

Dorado PHI 2-1 NYXL

Fusion pushed the cart midway through the second point before being stopped by NY. Eventually able to push the payload to within meters of the second checkpoint but stalled out. It seemed New York were going for the kill. But the Fusion managed to hold on somehow on defense and send it to the second fifth round of the day.

Lijiang Tower PHi 2-0 NYXL

On Night Market, Philadelphia got on point first but didn’t get much progress before N.Y. took it back. Philadelphia fought back, and went up in the bonus round.

After winning Gardens the Fusion would complete the second big upset of the day.

Houston Outlaws 4 — 0 Florida Mayhem

Numbani HOU 2-1 FLA

Mayhem stopped Houston before third point, and got the first point after a nice fight but wouldn’t be able to push the payload to the second checkpoint. Houston took the early lead in the series 1-0.

Horizon HOU 2-0 FLA

Outlaws got two points on attack and looked dominant. Florida struggled, and were unable to get any progress on point A.

Ilios HOU 2-0 FLA

Florida showed signs of life and got kills to win the point on Ruins first. The Mayhem got to 99 percent progress before losing the point. Houston held on and Linkzr with some nice moves on Genji allowed the Outlaws to win the first point.

Houston finished up the series on Well, despite Mayhem getting it to 99 percent progress.

Junkertown HOU 3-0 FLA

An easy first point take for Houston led to them steamrolling through the Florida defenses to get three points. After a good start to the fight by the Myahem, they would be unable get to A. Linkzr helped his team by dominating on point A with Widow.

The first upset of one of the heavily-favored Korean rosters would come from, surprisingly enough, the Boston Uprising. The Uprising won a back and forth match against the Spitfire that most thought would easily go the way of London. If you had said Boston was going to be the first team to dethrone a Korean roster, people probably would have called you crazy.

Next, it was New York’s turn to fall. Philadelphia came out on top in a New England brawl that, again, most expected the Excelsior to win. But the Fusion played tough and showed us that Overwatch League still has plenty of surprises in store.

Florida’s struggles continue, as they have yet to look competitive against anyone except Shanghai (After the Dragons performance against Seoul, I’d like to see the two play again). The Mayhem have a strong base, but at this point they might want to look into bringing additional players in, just to add some depth to the lineup. Houston, on the other hand, continue to rise and are right up there with the Valiant in the West. It may have been a day of upsets, but Jake and the crew didn’t let it happen to them.


Bill Cooney, aka: RedRhino, is a writer, editor and has been a loyal Blizzard acolyte ever since he installed StarCraft on his parent's Gateway. He mainly covers Overwatch and Overwatch League for Blizzpro.

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