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No preseason? No problem for LA’s Agilities

by - 3 years ago

The L.A. Valiant’s resident Genji enthusiast, Brady “Agilities” Girardi, isn’t letting an absence from preseason slow him down.

Agilities, who turned 18 just after Christmas, said he was feeling confident headed into the opening week of the Overwatch League’s Inaugural season.

“Missing preseason’s only affected my training a little bit,” he said. “Really, it’s not having as much screen time as Silk and those guys, not as much practice, but other than that I’ve been doing good.”

The DPS player said he’s been focusing on getting better at heroes other than his go-to Genji in the run-up to the Overwatch League.

“I’ve been practicing more Tracer, Soldier and Pharah,” he said. “I’m really working on expanding my hero pool headed into the season.”

As a veteran of Team Canada in the World Cup and Contenders North America, Agilities is no stranger to playing Overwatch on the big stage.

“I’m a little nervous, just because I havent been on the Overwatch League stage with everyone yet,” he said. “But, I’ve played in other LANs before so I’m not too worried.”

The Valiant kick off Overwatch League’s regular season on Jan. 10 in the first match against the San Francisco Shock. The team in green and gold won the first meeting between the two California teams 3-2 and even though Agilities had to watch that match from the sidelines, he said the Valiant were feeling confident headed into opening night.

“The team did pretty well against them during preseason, so we’re feeling good about the first match,” Agilities said. “We’ve been analyzing the Shock’s matches and have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to do. So we’re building our strategy off of that.”

The Valiant, who have been consistently ranked in the top-half of the league, have high hopes headed into the season, but Agilities said he’s just looking forward to finally being able to play with his team.

“I think we can win Stage One, if not the whole season,” he said. “It’s been awhile, I haven’t played since the World Cup so I’m excited to get out there and show everyone what I’ve got.”


Bill Cooney, aka: RedRhino, is a writer, editor and has been a loyal Blizzard acolyte ever since he installed StarCraft on his parent's Gateway. He mainly covers Overwatch and Overwatch League for Blizzpro.

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