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New “Blizzard World” Themed Hero Skins, BlizzCon 2017

by - 1 year ago

New skins based on the new Blizzard World Overwatch map will be available for existing heroes via the base loot box in the future. These skins are inspired by other Blizzard game franchises or existing Overwatch lore, and, once added to the loot box, will be available for players to earn year-round.

The skins showed included:

  • “Immortal” Orisa
  • “Magni Bronzebeard” Torbjörn
  • “Nova” Widowmaker
  • “Blackhand” Doomfist
  • “Barbarian” Zarya
  • “Butcher” Roadhog
  • “Crusader” Reinhardt
  • “Ecopoint” Mei

Seth Harkins

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