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New Map Announced: Blizzard World

by - 2 years ago

Blizzard dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming Overwatch map, “Blizzard World,” at BlizzCon today. The map will take place in a Blizzard-based theme park containing references to all of their franchises (except Overwatch).

Blizzard World Map Video Preview


Within the game world, Blizzard World was constructed in Irvine, California as a fun homage. This hybrid map involves pushing a Payload through a sprawling theme park, with defenders starting in the Heroes of the Storm Arcade and attackers starting in the Hearthstone Tavern.

The map features many flanking routes, such as the Flight to Duskwood attraction and the Snaxxramas store. A choke point was constructed where attackers and defenders meet at a statue staging area reminiscent of Stormwind. The goal from here is to gain the high ground, or else find a space to hang low in plentiful cover from the surrounding scenery.

The Payload starts in the major Warcraft staging area, which attackers will try to push into the immense Starcraft portion–a circular plaza with an upper level of bridges and walkways. Defenders will station themselves on the bridges and around the Pylon, while attackers will attempt to sneak through the Ghost Academy and other featured areas.

The Payload will then be pushed through the Diablo staging area, including a ride named Reign of the Black King, as well as Leoric’s Manor. The Diablo-inspired areas feature smashable barrels with possible loot, as well as iconic chandeliers and shrines inspired from the game.


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