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New comic: Wasted Land

by - 10 months ago

Overwatch is prepping us for the release of it’s latest map Junkertown with a new comic featuring our favorite criminal duo. The story is told from the perspective of Roadhog. We get to hear some of his jaded thoughts. In a break from the silence we even get to see a short exchange between him and Junkrat. There are a few references to “The Queen” which many suspect will be a future playable character. I highly recommend the Madefire motion book version.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

“We fought a war to protect our home. We got the apocalypse. And everyone’s left fighting over the ashes.”

The latest installment in our series of digital comic shorts has arrived: Wasted Land!

The Omnic Crisis brought ruin to the Australian Outback. Roadhog knows this better than most. He’s seen it descend into an apocalyptic wasteland. Everything he once knew has been broken down, irradiated, or scrapped. Now all that’s left is Junkertown, the place that hermits, scavengers, brutes, and killers call home.

Roadhog hasn’t put it out of its misery. Not yet. But he’s been tempted…


Written by Blizzard’s own Robert Brooks and illustrated by Miki Montlló, “Wasted Land” is now available for download at comic.playoverwatch.com. You can also experience the action and sound of this story through the Madefire motion book on desktop, mobile, and Apple TV.

We hope you enjoy it—and stay tuned for more Overwatch comics coming soon!

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