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Welcome to Junkertown!

by - 11 months ago

Gamescom in Germany is upon us and with it we got a slew of new Blizzard stuff to keep us sedated until BlizzCon. Overwatch being no exception to the rule has revealed a new map as well as a new character cinematic short.

The cinematic short features our favorite 2 junkers, Junkrat and Roadhog, as they devise a plan to get revenge on the queen of Junkertown. Not a lot is known about the Queen of Junkertown, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if she becomes a new playable character in the future.

It’s not known if this is the new cinematic short we were promised for Gamescom as it appears to not be made the cinematic team that had created the others. This seems to be using the game assets more than anything so perhaps we will get something else.

The new map is of course that of Junkertown. The payload can be seen in the cinematic short and seems to be based completely off Junkrat’s plan. You need to escort the payload full of the riches and go blow it up in the queen’s room.

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