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King’s Row Uprising Event Now Live

by - 6 months ago

The King’s Row Uprising event has lit up the servers and boy howdy is it a good time.

Also included is a developer update where Jeff Kaplan goes into detail about what led to the creation of the event and the rewards included.

Here’s the short version:

  • This is a 4-player PVE map where Reinhardt, Tracer, Mercy, and Torbjorn have to capture three points in sequence, defend the payload, escort the payload to a specific location, and then defeat a set of elite enemies.
  • The enemies are a variety of new omnic mobs with varying abilities, including enemy Bastions and a set of OR-14s, which are the predecessors to the Numbani OR-15s and Orisa.
  • This uses the entirety of the King’s Row map.
  • An alternate mode in the Arcade allows players to use any heroes instead of the prescribed four.
  • New loot boxes include a wide spread of new skins, new emotes, new highlight intros, and sprays and icons.
  • The event runs from now until May 1st, and you get a free loot box for logging in.

Long version and analysis is forthcoming. For now, get in the game and wreck some bot faces!

Crow Tomkus