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The Payload Podcast Ep. 51: JetSetPodcast

by - 1 year ago

You know what they say: The world could always use more heroes! On The Payload, your hosts John, Rosh, and Jimmy will look at all things Overwatch: News, Esports, gameplay, and more. Join the crew every Thursday for the live stream, or download our audio episodes Fridays!

This week on The Payload:

  • Make sure to sign in before January 2nd and get your 5 free lootboxes!
  • Diablo 20th anniversary in-game goodies are coming to Overwatch and other Blizzard games.
  • Overwatch becomes the 2nd most popular game-specific subreddit behind League of Legends.
  • The crew discusses Blizzard’s behavior concerning nerfs and buffs.
  • Symmetra’s new rework has been on live servers for a few weeks now. How has she been doing? The Payload crew dissects where they’ve seen Symmetra work best, how to play with her, and how to play against her.

Make sure to find Jamerson on Twitter @JetSetJamerson on on Twitch at twitch.tv/jetsetjamerson.

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John Horstmann

John is a full-time podcaster and livestreamer who has been making Overwatch and Hearthstone content for 3 years.