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The Overwatch holiday event is now live!

by - 2 years ago

The much-anticipated Overwatch holiday event “Winter Wonderland” is now live on PC and console. This event will last until January 2nd.

This patch comes packed with tons of holiday goodies:

King’s Row and Hanamura have been decorated for the holiday.


Over 100 new cosmetic items are available for purchase via Winter Loot Boxes or in-game currency. (Reminder: When purchasing with in-game currency, cosmetic items are 3x more expensive. Legendary items are 3000 credits and Epic items are purchasable for 750 credits.)


A new Brawl has been announced called “Mei’s Snowball Offensive.”

The new brawl “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” is a 6v6 single-elimination death match. In this brawl, Mei’s Endothermic Blaster has been modified to shoot snowballs. Players are eliminated by a single hit and the weapon can only be refilled by finding snow piles across the map. Mei’s ultimate has also been modified to act as a semi-automatic snowball shooter (if you get that far)!

Last, but not least, what would an Overwatch event be without some new skins? We’ve got all of the new Epic and Legendary skins for you in the video below or check out the gallery at the end of the article (upload in progress).

Happy Holidays!


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