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Symmetra Digital Comic “A Better World” Now Live

by - 2 years ago

A digital comic showcasing Symmetra is now available for your viewing pleasure (and to whet your appetites in advance of the Dragons cinematic and maybe the game’s release on the 24th).

Check out the full post below, and find the full comic there.

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The true enemy of humanity is disorder.

A Better World, the fourth in our series of free digital comic shorts, follows Symmetra as she embarks on an unexpectedly dangerous endeavor in corporate espionage.

In “A Better World,” when the Vishkar Corporation’s proposal to remodel a Brazilian city center is blocked by the mayor, the company calls on Symmetra—the secret identity of Vishkar architech Satya Vaswani—to get the contract by any means necessary. But when events explode out of control, Symmetra finds herself in over her head… and winds up questioning her mission.


Written by Blizzard’s own Andrew Robinson and illustrated by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz (Super Street FighterStreet Fighter II Turbo), “Symmetra: A Better World” is now available at comic.playoverwatch.com. We hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for more Overwatch digital comics coming soon!


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