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Closed Beta Ending April 25th

by - 2 years ago

We knew our time was coming to a close, we just hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.

Blizzard has announced the end of the Closed Beta period for Overwatch and it is in almost exactly one week: 10:00am PDT on April 25th.

Remember that nothing from the beta will carry over after that date. From all indications, it won’t carry into the open beta in the first week of May, and nothing from that beta will carry over in the live release on May 24th. So get your last screenshots in with your favorite legendary skins before it’s time to earn them all over again!

Also included is Director Jeff Kaplan’s statements on the end of the beta and the pathway to the game’s launch. The short version? Glad you asked:

  • More bugfixes and stability tweaks instead of sweeping changes between now and launch, so don’t hold your breath for the revamp of that one hero you can’t stand.
  • Big updates for Competitive Play and spectator mode are planned for shortly post-launch.
  • New maps and new heroes are also in the pipe, though no idea on how frequent those will be.

Read the full post below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

The Overwatch Closed Beta has reached its final checkpoint. On April 25, our public testing phase will come to an end and our final preparations for the game’s launch will begin!

Our sincerest thanks to all of our Closed Beta testers and everyone in the Overwatch community for participating in this critical part of the game’s development process. Over the past several months, you’ve shared tons of amazing feedback—and we’ve collected payloads of useful data—to help us balance, tweak, and fine-tune our heroes, maps, core game systems, and more. We hope you had a blast, and we can’t wait to fight alongside everyone on May 24.

Remember, you’ll have one more chance to check out the game before it releases during the free Open Beta for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 5–9. Anyone who pre-purchases Overwatch by April 29 will also get early access to the Open Beta starting on May 3.

Q. What time will the Closed Beta end?
A: The Closed Beta will end on April 25 at approximately 10:00 a.m. PDT in all gameplay regions.

Q. What will happen when the Closed Beta is brought offline?
A. Once the beta is brought offline on April 25, players will no longer be able to log in to the beta client. Access to our Closed Beta forums will remain available until Friday, April 29.

Q. Will any more players be added to the Closed Beta before it’s brought offline on April 25?
A. No. We have no plans to add any more players to the Closed Beta at this time.

Q. Will there be any other opportunities to play Overwatch between the Open Beta and the game’s launch?
A. The Open Beta will be the last chance to play Overwatch before the game launches on May 24.

Q. Will any progress I made during the Closed Beta carry over to the live game?
A. No. We’ve no plans at this time for your activity during the Closed Beta to carry over—to the Open Beta or to launch.

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