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The World of Overwatch

by - 5 years ago

Theme of Overwatch: Overwatch was the group that helped end the Omnic crisis. Time has passed and we now deal with the idea of Human Omnic relations. Do Omnic have rights. What will happen if they get the opportunity to vote?



Dorado: Festival of lights celebrating end of the Omnic crisis. Still has a feel of danger from the underground criminal element.



Kings Row: Mega city built by omnic forces. Highest area of Human Omnic Tension



HOLLYWOOD: Hal-Fred Glitchbot being target by anti-Omnic forces. Overwatch brought in to protect this famous director.




Numbani: Oasis of Peace and Cooperation between humans and Omnic. Doomfist threatening the peace.



Volskaya Industries: Human piloted super Mechs were built to deal with the Omnic armies. Russia had to fend and save their own country with minimal Overwatch presence. On their own they succeeded. They continued to thrive in this winter wonderland.


Idea was to make even the industrial factory glittering with snow.


Posters spread out to share the story of industry and human piloted mechs and the hidden danger of Omnic spies

Russian Posters



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