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Overwatch: Mercy

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Real Name: Angela Ziegler, Age: 34

  • Role: Support
  • Occupation: Field Medic, First Responder
  • Base of Operations: Zürich, Switzerland
  • Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)





“Heroes never die.”

A guardian angel to those who come under her care, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace.

Ziegler rose to become the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It was this expertise that attracted the attention of Overwatch.
Because her parents had been taken by war, Ziegler was opposed to the organization’s militaristic approach to keeping global peace. Ultimately, she recognized that Overwatch offered her the opportunity to save lives on a much larger scale. As Overwatch’s head of medical research, Angela sought to leverage her work for healing in frontline crises. The result was the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which Ziegler herself piloted on many Overwatch missions.

Despite her contributions to Overwatch, she was often at odds with her superiors and the organization’s overarching aims. When Overwatch dissolved, Ziegler dedicated herself to helping those affected by war.

Though she spends most of her time caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world, Dr. Ziegler can be counted on to don her Valkyrie suit whenever innocents are imperiled.



Mercy Controls

Mercy Controls

Caduceus Staff:

The Caduceus is a long standing symbol for medical professionals. Mercy is as pro as they come. With her staff she can maintain a healing stream to save you from a constant barrage of damage. If that is not enough she can switch modes and boost your strength to break down those defensive walls.

Caduceus Staff

Caduceus Staff

Caduceus Blaster:

While a doctor’s oath is to do no harm, as a field combat medic it is understood that you do what you need to survive. While it isn’t a very effective weapon, it will finish the job.

Cadeceus Blaster

Cadeceus Blaster

Guardian Angel:

Heroes tend to leap into battle without thinking. Mercy is prepared for this. Like the angel she is, she will leap to an ally in there time of need.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Angelic Descent:

Mercy has heard the line, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” so many times, that she may lose her temper and respond with, “No you idiot, that’s what the wings are for.”

Angelic Descent

Angelic Descent


Mercy can single-handedly turn the tide of battle. When things get real rough, and her team has died off, she will use her ultimate ability to bring them back to continue the fight. If her enemies see her light, they know they soon will be seeing darkness.





Check out Mercy in this unedited video. It showcases a full match played from Mercy’s perspective.



Video Guide

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