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Character Reference Kits

by - 3 years ago

Attention all Cosplayers, Fan Artists, Fabricators, or people just interested in some behind the scenes details about Overwatch: Reference kits for all the current characters have been added to the Press Center.

These reference kits include specific hex color codes for various parts of the character, close up images of character details, and various viewpoint references for the characters and any weapons they may carry as a part of their kit.

This will give artists planning on submitting entries for the BlizzCon Art Contest just over six weeks to ensure their creations are using the correct color for their characters and almost five months for those individuals planning to enter the Costume Contest.

The reference material can be found at the following link, under the Misc section: http://blizzard.gamespress.com/Overwatch

For those cosplayers attending San Diego Comic Con, Senior Toys and Collectibles Manager Jason Bischoff is sweetening the pot. In a tweet just after the kit became available, he has offered up unspecified “goodies” for the first “legit” Tracer he meets at the convention. That’s four weeks away so if you’d like to take advantage of his offer, you’d better get started!

Good luck!

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Timothy Prine